departure blues.

Thanks to all for their well-wishes, gifts and blessings and more significantly for the assurance that I will not regret the decision to step out of nus for a semester. Even though I’ve sort of chosen Paris ever since year 1, I am always doubtful about truly leaving and it really takes the support of family and friends to take the very first step. But I guess once I am onboard the jetplane, theres no turning back. (oh no.)

It was kind of sleepless for me on the plane with lots of turbulence and resultant mini-castastophes. Red wine didn’t seem to work well in making me drowsy but it did left stains on my clothing together with coffee stains- the latter was the fault of the air stewardess. Horror movies didnt seem to make me appreciate my predicament more like they did in the past. Rather reading letters especially Jer’s lousy poetry and recalling Mel’s attempts at ‘le merde de la vache’ did manage to make me laugh alittle. One great blessing for the night was the clear skies throughout where the citylights beneath shone like mozzaella cheese on a gigantic pizza.


~ by porcupines on August 15, 2008.

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