Monumental Madrid

Stately buildings with majesty fit for the political centre of Spain….

Flags- the symbols of nationalistic pride flapping wildly in the wind…

Finely manicured parks showcasing emanating the authority of the ruling power…

Strict policing in good, quaintly historical style…

And us undermining all… transcending sacred space with our nonsensical poses…

Perhaps monuments after monuments made us desensitized after awhile… museums after museums made history merely a long-winded story..

Madrid’s bold character seems to lack a central focus… like Antoni Gaudi’s signature gothic mesh. Its grid-like streets lacks the surprise element in Barcelona’s narrow walkways and hidden plazas. So rather than walking down its footpaths, we have stoned in parks and indulged in sangria on roadside cafes letting the world passes us by on our first day in Madrid…

But if the street life is dead:
‘…society gets increasingly segregated spatially as well as socially, and the trajectories of people with a different background more rarely intersect each other. The result is a loss of real experiences of difference (a growing poverty of real experience), as well as a loss of solidarity. Fear of crime will at the same time grow, and the possibility to counter this fear diminish, creating a vicious circle further reducing ordinary street-life…’

And so we need the our doses of zara, H&M, pull and bear, berksha and mango to pump energy back in us to navigate the streets and reduce anomie.. Zara jeans for 5,90 euros is really incredible but our light-travelling regime prevents us for lugging back as much as we wanted to…

If we were to return to Madrid, it will be for its shopping…


~ by porcupines on August 20, 2008.

One Response to “Monumental Madrid”

  1. stoning!!! is what you and i do best!!! remember how we stoned the afternoon away at le rhone??? when i go for exchange, no one will wanna stone with me like you would!! :((

    hope you’re having all the fun in the world!! hopefully i’ll be able to catch you before you leave paris!

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