The ferry ride across the ocean from Algerciras (Spain) to Tangier (Morocco) was our first indication to brace ourselves for the harsh land ahead. Swallowing motion sickness pills in advance and the drowsiness from our sleep-deprived over-night train journey really did help to ease the rough journey to Morocco.

Its truly anarchic here. Upon stepping onto Morroco, theres really no time to think cause its really chaotic. The immigration controls are done onboard the ferry for a very good reason. Throngs of people and cars converged on the port of Tangier… people brushing against each other… shouting wildly to reunite with their companions…It also dawned upon us at that moment how different our skin colours are. Boys shouting konichiwa! japonais! as we walked through the crowd in search of petite taxi. darn irritating.

Being a port city, Tangier do have cheap and good seafood! We had a feast to replenish our weary bodies and thereafter turkish ice-cream. Enjoying an ice-cream in peace in Morocco is hard- not because of the blazing sun, but the streetkids begging you for the rare treat in your hands. When I gave up and passed my ice-cream to a young girl, it astounded me that she didnt eat it but run off faraway with it and thats moroccan mystery #1.


~ by porcupines on August 21, 2008.

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